15kW solar programs: An important measurement for big properties & companies

A 15kW solar system for Kennards Hire in Rutherford, NSW.

15kW solar programs are an awesome system measurement for properties with excessive ranges of energy consumption or companies with small to middling energy wants – supplied that they’ve enough roof house to put in one. This article takes you thru (nearly) all the pieces you may need to find out about 15kW solar programs, together with how a lot house they take up, how a lot they price, and the way a lot energy you’ll be able to anticipate them to supply. It additionally touches on whether or not a 15kW system is an effective funding on your home or enterprise.


How many panels & how a lot roof house for a 15kW solar system?

A contemporary-day 15kW solar system might be comprised of between about 37-45 panels and would require about 75-90 m2 of roof house, relying on the wattage of the panels (that are usually between 330-400W every). This implies that for many properties, a 15kW solar system won’t be an possibility except it’s ground-mounted.

15kW Solar Panel Systems – roof house and variety of Panels
Solar panel watt score 330W 400W
Approximate variety of panels 45 37
Approximate roof space required 75m2 90m2



How a lot does a 15kW solar system price?

Australia is home to a number of the lowest solar set up costs on the earth, and 15kW solar programs – due to their measurement – continuously supply a number of the greatest worth of any solar PV system measurement. You can view present indicative solar system costs on the Solar Choice Price Index (though 15kW is just not but a daily function in our month-to-month Solar PV Price Index, 10kW has been included for plenty of years now.)

According to Solar Choice’s personal information, as of March 2022 the typical price of a totally put in 15kW solar panel system in Australia is round $0.84 per watt – or about $12,600 after deducting the STC rebate and together with GST.

The chart under give a tough thought of what common costs for 15kW solar system appear like in (most of) Australia’s capital cities.

Average 15kW solar system prices primarily based on Solar Choice Price Index

City Out of pocket price (incl GST and incentives) Cost per watt put in
Adelaide, SA $12,000 $0.80
Brisbane, QLD $12,000 $0.80
Canberra, ACT $12,900 $0.86
Hobart, TAS $15,600 $1.04
Melbourne, VIC $12,150 $0.81
Sydney, NSW $11,700 $0.78
Perth, WA $11,400 $0.76
Average: $12,600 $0.84


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How a lot energy does a 15kW solar system produce?

Depending plenty of components, the precise power output of a 15kW solar panel system will range. These variables embody:

The desk under provides indicative figures for what number of kilowatt-hours of energy a north-facing 15kW solar system will generate per day (on common all year long) in Australia’s capital cities.

 Indicative every day 15kW solar panel output by capital metropolis

City Average Daily Production Estimated Annual Production
Adelaide 58 kWh per day 21,079 kWh
Brisbane 60 kWh per day 21,900 kWh
Canberra 58 kWh per day 21,079 kWh
Darwin 66 kWh per day 24,090 kWh
Hobart 47 kWh per day 16,973 kWh
Melbourne 50 kWh per day 18,341 kWh
Perth 63 kWh per day 22,995 kWh
Sydney 54 kWh per day 19,710 kWh


  • Calculations accomplished by way of PVWatts utilizing daylight information from the Bureau of Meteorology
  • Conservatively assumes that the programs effectivity is 75%
  • Assumes the solar panels a mounted at a 30 diploma angle to the north


Is a 15kW solar system proper on your home or enterprise?

As you’ll be able to guess by the quantity of roof house required, a 15kW is a critical quantity of solar for the extraordinary home – and in lots of circumstances it will likely be an excessive amount of. In most circumstances, it is going to solely be applicable when you’re utilizing over 50kWh of energy on common per day – a quantity more likely to use to a enterprise than a home. It might also be an excellent measurement selection for properties who’ve low electrical energy consumption and need to go off-grid (see: “Can I am going off-grid with a 10kW solar system?“)

Because of the complexity concerned (to not point out the associated fee) we advocate that you’ve the numbers crunched intimately earlier than deciding to go forward with a 15kW solar system. You can experiment with the numbers your self with our Simple Solar System Sizing Estimator, try our Solar Payback & ROI Estimator Tool or request a free, customised enterprise case evaluation from our engineering staff primarily based in your electrical energy payments.

Also remember that the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP) who’s the corporate who owns the poles and wires in your space could have explicit guidelines on what could be related and what programs are permitted to export power. Often for single part connections the restrict is a 5kVA inverter which might accommodate 6.6kW of solar panels.

An extra consideration is that most of the electrical energy retailers feed in tariff plans are capped at programs with a 10kW inverter. See a abstract of the most recent plans on this feed in tariff web page.

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Is a 15kW solar system price it?

These days solar feed-in tariff credit are a secondary profit from having a solar system put in. Instead,  you’ll derive essentially the most worth out of your self-generated solar energy by ‘self-consuming‘ it – using as much energy as possible directly. Because solar feed-in tariff rates are generally lower than what you’ll pay for energy from the grid, the extra solar energy you utilize your self, the extra you’ll save; in the meantime, the surplus solar will stream into the grid and earn you credit which assist to cut back your general invoice.

Payback Period & IRR for 15kW solar programs

The desk under takes a take a look at payback occasions and inner fee of return (IRR) for individuals who set up a 15kW solar system in choose cities at two charges of self-consumption – 40% and 70%. Although these charges are excessive for many extraordinary households with solar (usually extra like 20-40%), we assume that anybody who goes forward with a system within the 15kW vary has performed their analysis and ensured {that a} greater diploma of their solar energy will go on to their native energy demand (versus into the grid). If you handle to attain even greater self-consumption charges, the returns will look much more beneficial.

Please notice that we’ve assumed that the system is eligible for a solar feed-in tariff – which will depend on the electrical energy retailer and the community guidelines.

Indicative payback durations for 15kW solar panel programs

15kW System Cost Electricity Price Feed in Rate Self Consumption Rate IRR Annual Savings Payback Period (Years)
Sydney $11,700 25c 7c 30% 21% $2,391 4.8 years
60% 31% $3,516 3.3 years
Brisbane $12,000 18c 5c 30% 15% $1,840 6.4 years
60% 23% $2,652 4.4 years
Melbourne $12,150 27.5c 6c 30% 20% $2,327 5.1 years
60% 31% $3,655 3.3 years
Perth $11,400 28.8c 5c 30% 23% $2,522 4.4 years
60% 36% $3,981 2.8 years
Adelaide $12,000 29c 9c 30% 25% $2,982 4.0 years
60% 36% $4,228 2.8 years
Hobart $15,600 27c 8.5c 30% 16% $2,462 6.2 years
60% 24% $3,627 4.2 years
Canberra $12,900 20c 7c 30% 17% $2,159 5.9 years
60% 24% $2,984 4.2 years
Darwin $20,505 26c 8c 30% 15% $3,018 6.7 years
60% 21% $4,150 4.8 years


  • Assumes the typical every day energy utilization is 50 kWh per day (very excessive for residential use)
  • The costs are primarily based on the most recent Solar Choice Price Index
  • Self-consumption charges of 30% (low) and 60% (very excessive) have been chosen as examples solely and as you’ll be able to see are crucial to the monetary final result

Calculate indicative ROI & payback durations for 15kW solar programs

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