Acento Real Estate Partners Participates in PI Energy PV Cell Set up Pilot


Phil Layton

Acento Real Estate Partners has partnered with PI Energy for pilot installations of next-generation photovoltaic (PV) cell know-how on its buildings throughout the U.S. Acento joined PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program, offering the corporate entry to PI Energy’s module PV know-how, which is designed to be wrapped onto roofs, partitions and different surfaces.

The program is the primary section of the PI Energy’s commercialization of its PV cell know-how, which relies on its proprietary nanofilm solar cell innovation, utilizing ultrathin silicon. It permits sensible and low-cost set up of solar modules which might be designed to be light-weight, versatile, unhazardous and simple to put in on most surfaces.

“Acento’s participation in PI Energy’s Pilot Deployment Program is aligned with our low-carbon infrastructure and social impact goals, so that we can have onsite electrical power from otherwise unused surfaces, from our buildings, parking areas and surrounding walls,” says Andrés González, CEO of Acento. “Enhancing our real estate portfolio’s energy resilience and sustainability is even more attractive with a cost-competitive approach to solar energy.”

“We are excited to partner with Acento, which is leading the shift to more sustainable buildings,” states Phil Layton, CEO of PI Energy. “A large-scale transition to sustainability requires both a low-carbon energy and cost-competitive path. Acento is creative and innovative in its approach to improving buildings’ performance while reducing their carbon footprint, which makes the company an ideal partner.”


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