Ampt Economically Repowers PV System in Japan

Ampt, an organization offering DC optimizers for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) methods, has efficiently repowered a PV system in Japan, enabling compliance with new utility necessities by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO). The mission demonstrates Ampt’s cost-effective and easy resolution for upgrading present PV power vegetation with trendy inverters.

The proprietor of a 200 kW rooftop PV system in Odawara, Japan, built-in Ampt string optimizers to adjust to TEPCO requirements whereas minimizing adjustments to the prevailing design.

Implemented by all utilities in Japan since 2021, new requirements require real-time distant curtailment management functionality for grid-connected PV solar methods to assist stability energy provide and demand. To comply, many PV system house owners should exchange their present inverters with newer, trendy inverters that may be managed by the utility.

The system proprietor chosen Ampt V600-i12-12 string optimizers to decrease the price of deploying trendy inverters in its present PV system. Ampt optimizers are DC/DC power converters that adapt the decrease voltage of an present PV array to be appropriate with trendy inverters that meet up to date utility rules.

Ampt’s know-how performs most power level monitoring (MPPT) on every string of PV modules to maximise power supply and forestall energy losses attributable to voltage mismatch. The optimizers then ship full out there PV power to the inverter at a DC voltage that’s throughout the inverter’s working vary.

Costly rewiring was averted and compatibility was ensured between the prevailing 600 VDC solar array and new 1,000 VDC inverters with out voiding warranties or violating native voltage codes.

“We are pleased to complete another successful repowering project in Japan to enable compliance with utility regulations and promote a sustainable energy future for the country,” says Ampt CEO, Levent Gun.

Ampt Japan nation supervisor, Shigeki Kondo provides: “With the new utility requirement for remote curtailment in Japan, our solution offers a vital means for PV system owners to meet the new standards while minimizing costs and operational disruptions.”

Photo by Claudio Guglieri on Unsplash.

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