Financing Solar for Nonprofits


This 5 MW array, which went on-line in March, is the primary to supply nearly all of its clear energy to public colleges within the state. Mt. Blue Regional School District (RSU9), Spruce Mountain School District (RSU73), Camden Rockport School District (MSAD28), Camden Hills Regional High School, and Hope Elementary School have all taken steps to lowering their carbon footprint at no upfront price by taking part within the PPA. This venture can also be utilizing Maine’s Net Energy Billing credit program, by offering energy offsite that’s then allotted to every college’s utility account. Ninety-six % of the clear energy produced by the array will go to in direction of offsetting the colleges’ energy wants, with the remaining 4 % going to Farmington Water District.

“We could not be more excited or proud to be participating in this cutting-edge solution to preserving farmland, reducing greenhouse gases, and saving money for our local taxpayers. It is so important for our students to learn in a place that demonstrates collaboration, sustainability leadership, and sound financial decision-making. Our participation in this clean energy project reflects the very values we are trying to impart. It is one of many things our district has done to move toward a reduced carbon footprint.”— Maria Libby, Superintendent of the Five Town CSD and MSAD 28 college districts.

The landowners, Evelyn Norton and Priscilla Swartzlander, had been born within the farmhouse that also stands on the property. Their father Harold Souther, 98, was additionally born within the household’s generational home and nonetheless lives there. Souther ran the dairy and poultry farm for years, taking on operations from his father. The land is now leased to a neighbor and a cousin for pastureland, elevating livestock, and hay manufacturing. In the autumn pumpkins, squash, and cornstalk are offered. Her father wished to make sure the farm will keep within the household as soon as he’s gone and noticed the solar farm as a method to make sure this. The cash from the leased land will permit his household to maintain the property.

“So many school districts are going to benefit from this, and that’s huge to us.” —Evelyn Norton, landowner


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