Himachal to put in solar panels on 475 buildings – Hindustan Instances


The state capital Shimla is progressively switching over to solar energy from hydropower-generated electrical energy. The Himachal Pradesh authorities will set up solar panels on 475 buildings other than 65 already put in on authorities buildings.

The state authorities has been driving the solar power initiative in Shimla city underneath the Smart City mission to cut back the carbon footprints of the state. The hill state presently continues to focus closely on hydropower.

“The solar power system has been installed on 66 government buildings across Shimla town under the Smart City Mission and 1.85 crore has been saved on the power bill,” mentioned city growth minister Suresh Bhardwaj.

He mentioned the Smart City Mission has remodeled Shimla city. Under the mission, there was a part to advertise solar power within the metropolis. “First, we had shortlisted government buildings across the town and started the process to install solar power systems through Himurja- nodal agency for solar power in the state,” Bhardwaj mentioned.

The first solar system underneath the mission was put in in January 2019 at Himachal Pradesh University (HPU).

So far, solar power methods have been put in on 66 authorities buildings. The whole capability of the put in solar power system is 2500 Kwh. So far, 39.16lakh KwH power has been generated saving the power invoice of 1.84 crore, he mentioned.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has always laid emphasis on green energy that too on solar energy. Despite being covered with forest, several buildings in the town have good sunlight. We are inching towards fulfilling the Prime Minister’s commitment to Smart City with green energy,” mentioned Bhardwaj.

The minister mentioned solar power is the way forward for good cities. “There are so many projects where the main expenditure would be incurred on electricity bills. We have devised a plan to install a solar power system to link all such projects, especially lifts and escalators to it,” the minister added.

“Officials have been asked to explore the possibility of the escalator in Sanjauli’s under construction foot over-bridge. Himurja will explore the possibility of installing the solar power plant. This will reduce the power expenditure and make the escalator more viable,” Bhardwaj added.


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