Low-voltage or high-voltage battery? How do I select?


Image: Smile-S6-HV battery system

A low-voltage battery usually signifies that the voltage is decrease than 100V, and the high-voltage battery being increased than 100V. Considering that the DC bus voltage on PV facet for residential system is generally round 300-500V, fee with a high-voltage battery can enhance the effectivity of all the system. For low-voltage batteries, the inverter wants to scale back the enter voltage of 300-500V and even increased to under 100V. As for high-voltage batteries, the lack of the voltage conversion course of will probably be diminished. According to the information on our AlphaCloud, the conversion effectivity of the Alpha Smile collection has been elevated from 90% to 93%. 

The high-voltage battery shops extra energy with quicker charging and discharging charges. This signifies that a high-voltage battery with the identical capability wants much less house. With this information, the Smile HV collection was born. This collection contains the Smile S6 HV, a single-phase system and the Smile T10 HV, a three-phase system.


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