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Rainbow Six Siege’s about to get its subsequent main replace with the Year 7 Season 4 content material titled “Operation Solar Raid” that’s coming this December 6! While we already know that there shall be a brand new Operator and map, there’s much more incoming with the Rainbow Six Siege YS74 patch by way of high quality of life enhancements, modifications to the Battle Pass and extra.

Thanks to Ubisoft, MP1st was in a position to take a look at Operation Solar Raid in an invite-only occasion earlier than the title replace’s official reveal in the present day.

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4 Operation Solar Raid New Content Overview:

Release Date: December 6, 2022


“Don’t waste Solis’ time and don’t get in her way. She will bring the truth to light.”

I had my doubts about Ana “Solis” Díaz due to her want for absolute readability, however her questions and requests are straightforward
to accommodate if in case you have nothing to cover. She is aware of when a line has been drawn, and he or she’s sensible sufficient to resolve
whether or not it must be crossed.–Specialist Taina “Caveira” Pereira, Ghosteyes Squad Leader


The reality involves mild with Solis’ SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor, a brand new gadget detection machine for Defense operatives. With
the power to mark and ping opponents’ digital gadgets, there’s nowhere to cover.
“An updated prototype. The SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor is the latest in electronic detection, perfect to gather intel for
coordinated strategy.”
— Dr. Elena “Mira” Álvarez, Director of R&D


Alongside the brand new operator Solis, a brand-new map, Nighthaven Labs, arrives at season launch.  Serving as an extension of Nighthaven’s headquarters, the map’s open sea, inexperienced cliffs and clear sky invitations gamers to discover its immaculate structure and technological marvels on show. The inside options many entry factors, permitting at no cost navigational flows, particularly if gamers are able to take down the various breakable partitions. Both Attackers and Defenders should keep away from getting too snug as they may simply be flanked and lose their place.  Built for artistic methods, this R&D facility challenges gamers to benefit from uncommon alternatives just like the runout hatch simply exterior Meeting Room. Nighthaven Labs is not going to be bannable throughout Operation Solar Raid to make sure gamers get to study and play on the brand new map through the season.


The Reputation Score enters its beta this season, letting gamers see their Reputation Standing for the primary time because the
system deployed in June 2020. With the beta, gamers can study what their Standing is with out receiving any constructive or
damaging results primarily based on that Standing. This provides all gamers time to study what results their Standing may have within the
future and adapt to the brand new system earlier than receiving any impacts.


Reputation Standings are a placement given to every participant that reveals them how their in-game actions are seen. The
aim is to supply suggestions to our gamers and promote wholesome interactions, whereas discouraging toxicity. In the long run,
this will likely appear to be rewards and boosted in-game earnings for constructive Standings, and restrictions for damaging ones.
There are 5 Standings, with one being the bottom and 5 being the best. These Standings aren’t shared with different
gamers met in-game.


The Reputation part now reveals a participant’s Reputation Standing along with energetic Reputation Penalties, such
as Reverse Friendly Fire and Muted Text Chat


We’ve added a How it Works information to the Reputation part for fast entry to data on the Reputation system.
This information additionally outlines some potential constructive or damaging impacts that Reputation Standings may have within the full


The Reputation tile on the Home part is being up to date to indicate a participant’s Reputation Standing along with energetic
Reputation Penalties. Players can proceed to make use of this tile to entry Reputation part.


This season brings a brand new expertise to the Ranked playlist, with fairly a number of modifications:

Your rank is now not determined by your MMR, however by what number of Rank Points you win or lose after each Ranked match.

  • • Each rank now has 5 divisions, and every division requires 100 Rank Points to advance to the following.
  • • A brand new rank known as Emerald has been added between Platinum and Diamond.

With MMR break up off out of your rank, it’s now being known as ability. While it now not decides your rank, it does decide
how shortly you rank up.

  • • Skill is a hidden worth for all playlists and can carry over from season to season.
  • • No extra placement matches for Ranked as a result of solely your rank resets, not your ability score.
  • • Squad MMR restriction isn’t any extra, and gamers can Squad up with any of their mates. A brand new algorithm will
    adapt matchmaking, irrespective of the variation in ability amongst Squad mates.
  • • MMR changes or resets attributable to dishonest at the moment are changes to your Rank Points or a reset to your rank.
    Lastly, Ranked is getting a revamped reward system.
  • • Players get 1 reward for each rank division achieved all through the season.
  • • Rewards are granted on the finish of every season.


Battle Pass has developed from its two-tiered system into one with branching paths. Now you possibly can plan your development
and prioritize the rewards you get. No matter which path you’re taking first, you’ll nonetheless be capable to unlock all of the tiles and
full your Battle Pass.

  • • Play matches to stage up your Battle Pass and earn Battle Tokens and Breach Charges.
  • • Use your Battle Tokens to unlock tiles in any course to get the rewards you need quicker (1 Token unlocks 1
  • • Use Breach Charges to unblock Breath Paths and open up shortcuts to new rewards (1 Breach Charge unblocks 1
    Breach Path).

All tiles include Battle Pass unique beauty rewards or Alpha Packs, Bravo Packs, Renown Boosters, Battle Point
boosters and R6 credit. Premium Pass holders get a reward from each tile alongside extra bonuses.

New to the Shooting Range this season are the Shooting Records. These data monitor each weapon and attachment
{that a} participant has examined, to allow them to evaluate the recoil patterns and harm of various loadouts from the consolation of
a single menu.

Players can entry their Shooting Records within the Shooting Range by urgent the identical enter used for the Scoreboard.



Team coloration customization is increasing to Operator gadgets and Observation Tools. Now, the colour preferences are
mirrored within the visuals of gadgets to assist gamers establish what’s owned by a teammate and what belongs to an
opponent. For Observation Tools, the LEDs now match the chosen workforce colours, so gamers can acknowledge if it’s in use by a
pleasant or a foe.



Friendly hearth was revisited to realign it to its meant goal: creating a good expertise for everybody. Having pleasant
hearth energetic through the Preparation Phase has been counter to this goal, and so we’ve eliminated it from that a part of the
match. By doing this, we intention to cut back disruptive behaviors and the influence of minor errors.

Players can nonetheless flip pleasant hearth on within the Preparation Phase of their Custom Games with a brand new match setting: Friendly
Fire in Prep Phase.


During Operation Solar Raid, the brand new map, Nighthaven Labs, can’t be banned — it’ll nonetheless seem through the Ban Phase
however can’t be chosen. This change is to make sure that all gamers get to study and play on the brand new map all through the


For Zofia and Capitao, change capability mode can now be activated with out first equipping the machine, letting gamers resolve
their ammo kind prematurely.


Discovered bomb web site markers now keep on the HUD after dropping the defuser. Their coloration may also replace to indicate that
they’re now not the first goal. Prior to this variation, the bomb web site markers would disappear and trigger some
confusion, notably for newcomers. This change goals to cut back that confusion and assist newcomers perceive their


To rebalance the connection between Operator pace and well being, all Operators now transfer on the similar pace whereas
aiming down sights. Previously, gradual Operators had been at a drawback as a result of one headshot eliminates them
no matter well being, and lots of Operators are quicker than them in firefights. This change goals to stage out the taking part in
area as a result of pace now not brings a bonus to ADS.


After many late nights within the workshop, drone skins are able to see the sunshine of day! Skins will begin rolling out for the
numerous Operator drones, permitting gamers to personalize their favourite machines. New menu choices are being added to
entry this customization.

Don’t neglect, Operation Solar Raid drops on December 7.


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