Solar Panel Safety from Critters


If you see a “clump” of  particles underneath a solar array, it’s actually price investigating. It might quickly be secure to imagine that squirrels have made a home there and will have already triggered some stage of injury. Take a take a look at the images  – on this case, their injury led to a burnt MC4 connector, scorched back-sheet of a module, and publicity of each scorching wires, possible inflicting a fault within the system. Luckily, this didn’t catch the roof on fireplace, which is a scary risk. Additionally, squirrels will chew by means of the insulation of solar cables and even the conductors.

One resolution to this problem is to put in Critter Guard, a versatile fence-like barrier, round a solar array. Continue studying to be taught extra about critter guard together with the right way to decide for those who want it, what sorts there are, execs and cons, the right way to set up critter guard, and a few additional useful suggestions.


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