Solar Proponent Chooses Ideematec Solar Tracker for Texas Solar Initiatives


Ideematec, a supplier of utility-scale solar monitoring programs, has signed an settlement to help Solar Proponent’s approximate 7 GW pipeline of initiatives in Texas utilizing Ideematec’s Horizon L:TEC 1P tracker.

Ideematec and Solar Proponent are working along with an EPC contractor to finalize the supply schedules for his or her first 650 MW mission.

“Solar Proponent recognizes that our superior tracking technology is not only ideal for hurricane zones around the Texas Gulf Coast but also has a long track record of zero wind damage in areas with up to 105 mph wind speeds,” says Philipp Klemm, CEO of Ideematec Inc.

“We look forward to delivering the first project and working with Solar Proponent to supply GW of our L:TEC product into the Texas region,” continues Klemm. “Ideematec’s team is proud to reach this milestone in our North American expansion strategy.”


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