Spearmint Launches as New Renewable Energy Growth Platform


Andrew Waranch

Spearmint Energy has its new enterprise and platform for battery and solar challenge improvement, energy storage offtake, and renewables power buying and selling. The firm is aligned with the aims of the Paris Climate accord to realize web zero by 2050 by bettering total power grid resiliency.

Founded by energy trade veteran Andrew Waranch, in partnership with Kevin Kelley, CEO of Roscommon Analytics LLC, Spearmint contains energy professionals, together with renewables builders, power market researchers, seasoned electrical engineers, and power merchants with monetary hedging options and perception.

“As our world shifts away from fossil fuels and moves rapidly toward low carbon power generation, it is critical that we be prepared with affordable, clean power sources, such as wind and solar, regardless of season or location,” says Waranch. “Battery energy storage – the process of collecting excess, unneeded power during times of surplus and releasing it when most needed – is the ideal solution to ensuring we have clean energy 365 days a year and limit waste generation.”

“Inflation, grid instability and rising energy prices are prompting an inflection point in our transition to cheaper, renewable energy solutions across the U.S.,” provides Kelley. “We are incredibly proud to partner with Andrew and the Spearmint team, who bring decades of collective experience and deep relationships with skilled regional developers to this complex market. We are excited to work together as we seek to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns for investors and back next-generation renewable energy projects that make the power grid more resilient.”


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