SunPower Debuts New SunVault Vitality Storage Merchandise


SunPower, a residential solar know-how and energy companies supplier, has expanded its portfolio of energy storage merchandise with the launch of a 19.5 kWh and 39 kWh SunVault. These new battery configurations provide elevated energy density and maximize area inside the battery as in comparison with earlier variations of SunVault, offering the power to retailer extra energy right into a single field. For prospects, this implies they’ll buy extra energy storage for much less cash and match it in much less wall area, with the choice to construct a bigger system because the home’s energy wants evolve. SunPower has additionally made design upgrades that may make SunVault quicker and simpler to put in.

“Every homeowner has unique energy storage needs – some want the peace of mind that they can power essentials during a blackout like a refrigerator and WiFi, while others want the flexibility to also charge an EV or run their air conditioning,” says Nate Coleman, chief merchandise officer at SunPower. “With these new storage sizes and higher power output through multiple inverters, SunVault’s modular configuration allows customers to get the storage size they need today with the reassurance that they can grow their system as their home energy requirements change.”

Homeowners can handle their SunVault energy storage with the mySunPower app to see how a lot energy is accessible throughout peak-demand to order for an outage or decrease energy prices through the use of saved energy. Further, all SunVault energy storage methods are backed by a 10-year guarantee, no matter how a lot the battery is charged and drained over time.

With this launch, SunVault is now accessible in 5 configurations: 13 kWh, 19.5 kWh, 26 kWh, 39 kWh and 52 kWh. Some of those choices embrace a number of inverters. SunVault configurations with a number of inverters and storage capability of 26 kWh and extra have the potential to power the entire home, so prospects don’t have to decide on between consolation and important hundreds throughout an outage.

The new SunVault sizes shall be accessible starting early 2023.


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