Year in Review: A glance again in any respect ReVision did in 2021

Year in Review: A glance again in any respect ReVision did in 2021 – ReVision Energy

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ReVision Energy’s renewable energy tasks are ceaselessly featured in native and nationwide newpapers, radio and tv.

2021 was a busy yr for ReVision workers, prospects, and our local weather disaster preventing pals. We put in tons of of solar and solar expertise tasks throughout New England, and welcomed many new solar champions into our rising neighborhood. We grew our proficient crew of co-owners, we held and attended many occasions (some digital, some in-person), and doubled down on mission to construct a extra clear and simply world for future generations. All the whereas, we loved our days underneath the solar, even the not-so-sunny ones!

View our yr in overview highlights from 2021 by flipping by way of the interactive graphic under:

Thank you for being part of our ReVision neighborhood, and for serving to us deliver our solar powered future into the current. Now on to 2022!

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